• Easy Dry Cart Bag - Water Resistant - Black/Red

    $209.95 $179.95


    COLOR: Black/Red

     The Easy Dry cart bag is designed for the serious golfer. Its water resistant fabric, heat sealed zipper seams, water caps at the top of all vertical zippers, multiple pockets, rain hood, compartmentalized top provide all the feature you need in a top of the line golf bag.   The top of the bag also feature shaft clips, allowing you to clip in each shaft on your clubs to hold them apart and keep them from hitting each other.

    The Easy Dry is equipped with a durable single carry strap, an over sized rain hood and sturdy rubber feet helps keep the bag steady on the cart.

    The Easy Dry is also fitted with a towel ring.

    All these features are packed into a light weight, 6 lb. golf bag.