How to sync my new remote to my cart:

To synchronize the remote for a digital cart, follow these instructions:

Option 1:

a.       turn the remote on, so the red light will light up when a button is pushed.

b.      hook up the battery on your cart and press the power on button.  (do not press any other buttons or the sync will not work)

c.       press and hold the "stop" button on the remote until the 3 light on the handle of the cart flash (it will take 5-10 seconds)

                d.  once they flash, try the remote to see if it works.

Option 2:

press and hold the "stop" button on the remote.  While continuing to hold the stop button, press and hold the "power" button on the cart.   After a few seconds the three battery indicator lights should flash indicating the remote is in sync.  Try the remote

How do I care for my battery?

To get the most out of the battery fully recharge the battery after every days use and keep it on an automatic maintenance charger in between use.  Do not leave the charger that comes with the cart plugged in and unattended.   We suggest you purchase a separate maintenance charger for long term storage use.

Is there a warranty on my cart?

yes, carts come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.   The battery is not included in the warranty as we have no control over how a battery is cared for.  The warranty does not cover items that are broken because you tipped the cart over, or drove it into a pond, etc..


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